Exercises & Workout Programs

Monday Workout Video – Instagram Post


AK Fit ‘n Fast 300 Rep Fast Fat Burning Workout

I am a firm believer that a quick workout trumps no workout but sometimes when you are in need of a good fat burn, do a fast workout and DO IT HARD! Put your phone away for 20 minutes, get in the zone, and get your workout DONE!

Full Body Fat Burning Exercise *Advanced*

Love this Exercise!

I was reminded of this exercise while flipping through a magazine. This single exercise hit your legs, shoulders, and biceps to give you nice arm definition!

Delts, glutes and thighs

Upper Body Stretch for Office Workers

Posture & Back Pain

Taking Your Workout from Good… to AMAZING!

Multi-joint exercises are great for fat-burning and athletic conditioning. Make it a goal to incorporate atleast 2 new exercises into your daily workouts and take your workouts from good… to AMAZING

No Wonder Your Back Hurts!

Whether sitting at work, in class, int he drivers seat, or at home surfing the web – avoid of plethora of issues such as body aches, pains, muscle imbalances, joint issues, headaches, and FATIGUE by avoiding this:

Eccentric Training to Improve Strength

This is for you if you

1) Have been training in the gym for a while

2) Want to improve your muscular strength/size

3) Break out of a training plateau

The Vacation Workout!

While I do believe an active, busy body does need a break from the gym and regular workouts, I also believe while on vacation it is important to keep active. If you can vary your activities such as beach running, mountain hiking, swimming, mountain biking, beach volleyball, rock climbing, etc – great! However, if you have a full day of events planned with no active events on the list – you have 2 options.

Stress Management

Good Day Everyone,

As we roll into summer, it’s great to feel the weather getting warmer and see the streets busier with walkers, joggers, and various exercisers.

Recently, with the advice from one of my advisors, I have taken up what I call outside ‘zen walks.’After a full day of training and motivating clients, (which I love and soak in each bit of), I go for a zen walk for about 10 minutes …read more

Effective treatment for Muscle Strains, Acute Pains, and Athletic Strains

How Fit Are You?

When exercising with friends or others, ever compare yourself comparing your cardio fitness to theirs? Either you are praising yourself (internally ofcourse) because you are able to work at a harder/faster level and not break a sweat (keep in mind sweating does not dictate the intensity of your workout, but I’ll save that for another post) OR you are getting down on yourself because yousimply cannot keep up with your exercise partner or person sitting next to your in spin class.

Comparing to others is vague and subjective, here’s an easy to way to gage your cardiovascular fitness:

My recommendation is to do this test, record your result (or as I tell my clients to do, take a picture with your smartphone), set a reminder to re-test yourself again in 5 weeks. Here how’s it works:

12 Minute Cooper-Test: Popular test used to quantify aerobic fitness


Workout Protocols

Eccentric Training to Increase Strength

This is for you if you

1) Have been training in the gym for a while

2) Want to improve your muscular strength/size

3) Break out of a training plateau


Full Body Exercise: Plank Push Up with Jacknife

Advanced ABS – Superset

Advanced Abs on Decline (Compound exercise using Shoulders & Triceps)

Oblique Crunches on Bosu Ball


Back, arms, shoulders, chest – Back to Back


Deadlift & Shoulder Side Raise


How Fit Are You

Athletic Conditioning Station

Cardio Circuits

Fitness Enthusiasm!

Noon Cardio Class


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