NUTRITION & Healthy Eating

My Advice on Healthy Snacking to Lose Fat Weight

What most people think is that incorporating snacks into your day is supposed to help keep you healthy so your metabolism doesn’t “slow down” which makes it harder to lose weight. Read more


My Top 10 150-200 Calorie Healthy Snack Ideas for Weight Management

Here is a list of snacks that will keep your blood sugar levels stable and help you eat a contained size portion at your next meal

5 minute Get Skinny Breakfast for Women – Protein Pancakes

This morning I made one of the fastest breakfasts of all the breakfasts in my repertoire (healthy ofcourse)! With 25g of protein, these oatmeal protein pancakes are a great way to start your day to kick start your muscle metabolism, balance blood sugar levels, and fight cravings that would occur later in the day with a low protein breakfast or worse no breakfast. Recipe


A Simple Plan for Weight Management

Eat Small Meals Throughout the Day for Weight Loss

Eating small meals throughout the day is a simple plan to help you lose weight.

It prevents you eating a large dinner. Here are the reasons why most diets recommend to stop eating after 8pm.

Correlations between eating time and eating behavior.


Easy Way to Lose Weight

One thing I hear from many people is their struggle to loose weight. Often bad habits die hard and breaking that one bad habit can lead to a plethora of success when it comes to weight loss.

Continue reading


Red Meat, Exercise, Sleep and Alzheimer’s Disease. Are You Setting Yourself Up For Old Age?

Alzheimer’s is the number one most feared disease amongst the elderly. It can strike anyone after the age of 60. It occurs in the brain and is caused by degerated neural structures. Alzheimer’s strikes once there are a number of senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles.


“Eat Your Words”

In a study in the Journal of Consumer Research, 80% of women stuck with their diets by saying “I don’t eat that” to temptations. While only 10% of women stuck to their diets who said “I can’t eat that.” The words “I can’t” signals deprivation which makes you more likely to cave. “I don’t” signals determination and empowerment making your refusal more effective.

– From Women’s Health Magazine



How To Beat the Cravings

Pizza, bread, french fries, frapaccinos, chocolate… You may have heard me saying that losing weight is more than a physical battle. Yes, and it is important to understand that the body is a complex entity made up of multiple muscles, …


Do You Add This To Your Food, Or Your Kids Food?


Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

– Pre and Post workout nutrition can have a large impact on your success in your fitness program. If you are working out on an empty stomach your body is definitely not maximizing it’s output and fat burning capability. If you wait more than an hour after working out to fuel your system, your body may go into muscle wasting hence decreasing your fat burning potential.

Pre-workout: Breakfast (Workout 2 or so hours after eating)

– 1/4-1/2 cup oats, 1 tsb ground flax, 1/2 scoop protein powder, raisins, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon

– 1 Americano

– 1 litre of water over the course of 2 hours

Post workout: Within 15 minutes of workout

  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • Mixed with either coconut milk, almond milk or water
  • 1 tbsp. chia seeds
  • 1 banana OR 1 cup of Pure coconut water 



If you are experiencing a plateau in your fat loss, it is wise to evaluate your eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercising habits. Today being Friday – what better day to evaluate whether or not alcohol consumption is causing you fat loss plateau.

Is Red Wine Making You Fat?


I am 42 years old, keeping myself to the allowed calorie intake and doing a daily 30-40 minute run. I also play tennis at least 2-3 hours a week.
My weakness however is that at the end of the day I enjoy a glass or two of wine. Does this harm? My goal is not to loose much weight as I am at the weight that I want to be, more to get that belly fat away.

What effect does 2 glasses of wine each day have on belly fat?




“Be sure to account for the calories. Each 6 oz glass of wine is about 120 calories, making two glasses 240. Given that you exercise daily and are sticking to the ‘allowed calorie intake’ (decided by… what? The site? Your program? What?), 240 calories probably isn’t a deal-breaker.”


1. Though red wine has heart health benefits—the tannins & reservatrol are the beneficial antioxidants that can also be found in green tea, red grapes, & peanuts. But… you may ask why not enjoy them from a glass of wine? Alcohol has a depressant effect on the nervous system… (alternative to being a stimulant). Any effect on the nervous system causes disruptions in sleep. REM Sleep is the time during which fat burning occurs, as well as hormone regulation—hormones that control our appetite that is. Being 42 years of age, hormone regulation is very important. Many people relax with a glass of wine and eventually become reliant on it as a sleep aid. My advice would be—if you think it may be causing a plateau in your weight loss: eliminate it for 2 weeks. Give your body a chance to adjust, see how you feel.

2. Drinking alcohol in the evening when our metabolism is at it’s slowest, does slow down the fat-burning process that takes place at night because the body is busy metabolizing the alcohol.

3. Sometimes the wine is the least of your problems—reevaluate your entire diet. Here it will be more apparent what is really causing a plateau in reducing belly fat.


What Happens When We Diet

Skipping Meals and Massively Decreasing Caloric Intake (to a state of depletion)

  • Lowers metabolism so fat from sparce meals is easily stored despite (even if meal is small)
  • The brain’s and muscle’s demand for fuel causes “munchies”, usually for high fat and high sugar foods.
  • Poor attention span, irritability, fatigue
  • Muscle mass WILL be lost (aka Muscle Catabolism)

Cut out starchy foods

  • The body loses its best source of stable energy so you are more likely to feel moody and tired
  • You’ll end up eating higher fat and sugary foods to satisfy “munchies”

Decrease meats

  • May risk iron deficiency; leads to fatigue
  • Energy from meals may not last as long, causing more hunger between meals for high fat, high sugary foods
  • Insufficient protien absorption. Animal protein is very valuable to our cells.


  • Most of the weight lost is water
  • Muscle mass decreases, which lowers metabolism, resulting in fat gain
  • Can be dangerous for some individuals – adrenal fatigue, kidney stress


Are You Generally Fatigued all the Time? Are You Getting Enough Iron

Iron is an essential mineral for our health. Iron is needed for oxygen transport and storage,  energy production, and protection against free radicals. It regulates cell growth and is a structural component of many proteins and enzymes.


Tips and Tricks to Cut Unhealthy Calories

Post it up in your home, office, or kitchen

Tips and Tricks to help cut unhealthy calories


Calories, Fat & Protein in Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Peanuts & More

Before you get comfortable with a bag of nuts, see the NUTrition. Check out the calorie count, grams of fat, and grams of protein in each nut



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