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Friday Soul Food





Dwell on the positive things and see if your mood changes.

If and when you catch yourself being negative or mopey, find something positive to lift your spirits.

Walking around on your own, having cars, jobs, family, friends, coworkers, weekend plans (even if its to watch TV on the couch – it is a choice you make) are all daily blessings that go unnoticed.

I recently was chatting with one of my wise clients who is in his mid-40’s, we were talking about sleep. How important it is for our brain, mental health, physical cell regeneration, and how it makes for a pleasant morning, etc, etc. I mentioned how some nights I have trouble sleeping. He looked flabbergasted and said why??? I said my brain some nights won’t shut off – despite some meditative techniques, guided relaxation, etc. He said you have a good life, what’s there to think so much about at night? You have your own home, you’re safe, you have a good job, family, etc.

He told me when he can’t sleep (on the odd night) he thinks about some nice memory he’s had in the past that makes him happy. Usually about when he used to play club soccer and travel all over the world, the experience playing on the fields was exhilarating. He said boom! falls asleep in no time.

I loved this technique immediately! I asked myself hmmm what would I think about? The first memory that came to mind was being in Mexico with my family! I thought, yup if that made me happy and that’s the first thing that came to mind – I can dwell on that for any sleepless nights! Has it worked?

I did it twice and it worked. Not more than that because turns out I have been sleeping well lately. But the above story is just an example of how we need to control our own mind and steer it in another direction to establish a particular feeling/aura/perception/mood.

In my mind this is extremely important because as the law of attraction says the energy you put out is the energy you will receive.

Oprah said it beautifully.

Happy Friday everyone!


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Bootcamp March 2015!

Our bootcamps are run circuit training style to maximize fat-burning and muscle strength endurance.

 A group of 15 come together for hard work, sweat, and bonding as you all work towards improving your fitness!

Burnaby Bootcamp March2015

Burnaby Bootcamp March 2015

Email Us to Register

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5 Reasons To Eat More Vegetables

We all know and hear “EAT MORE VEGETABLES.” We also know they are good for us, but sometimes we still need a little more incentive to partake in this rabbit-like behaviour. Read up and then eat up!



1) Vegetables are naturally occurring,  hence they go through no food processing or pasteurization. They can retain their high nutritional value.  Especially vegetables such a Spinach,  Bell Peppers,  and Kale are high in antioxidants.

What Are Antioxidants & What Do They Do?

2) Vegetables are dense and contain high water content. The high water content  is not only hydrating for our cells,   cleansing for our kidneys, but also for those looking to clean up their eating habits, incorporating vegetables before or  during your meal is a great way to keep you full and give you something to munch on.

3) Great for oral health. The fibrous texture of vegetables actually scrapes remnants that form on your teeth and in your mouth. Consuming veggies and helps avoid plaque build up and fights bad breath.

4) Vegetables add flavor. Instead of using sauces that are high in sugar, sodium and preservatives, use fresh herbs like parsley,  cilantro and mint and lemon/lemon rinds that not only add freshness to your foods but are also detoxifying and cleansing for our circulatory system.

5) Crunch factor : Instead of snacking on potato chips which are loaded with trans fats (and linked to Coronary Heart Disease) try things like carrot sticks, celery and peanut butter, and snap peas. Also kale chips which are crunchy and guilt-free and contain only a little bit of healthy fat from the olive oil to make them crunchy

There you have it, 5 Reasons to eat more vegetables! Find the ones you like & try new ones!

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Protein – Why Take Protein Powder

Protein – Why Take it, Who Needs it, and a Protein product review. (Other Protein related articles)

Protein is one of 3 macronutrients needed for growth, metabolism, and each vital function in the body. Protein is acquired from our diet. Foods such as chicken, fish, tofu, eggs are all high sources of protein. Aside from food, protein powder is also a quick and clean source of protein. The powders can be made from various ingredients i.e. Whey (Dairy), Casein, Vegan (which can be made from brown rice), Soy, Hemp, and Pea protein.  Continue reading

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How to Boost Energy: Eat Healthier and Gain More Energy Naturally

Know someone who is always tired? They may not think they are always tired because they don’t know what it feels like to have more energy. These people (maybe you or maybe someone you know) are in need of an ENERGY makeover.

This entails 2 things:

1) Changing the diet to focus more on foods for long-term energy, mental alertness, feeding the  brain and the muscles to add a bounce in your step

2) Engaging in a regime that includes exercise. Fat tissue is greatly taxing on our bodies. After all, fat cells are filled with a bunch of toxins. Exercise can be specifically targeted to boost your energy, trim fat, strengthen your muscles and improve your circulation. 


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The Importance of Stretching

The Importance of Stretching

The art of stretching is the cheapest form of therapy. It has a plethora of benefits for each and every person… and oooh baby does it feel good! The goal of stretching is muscle relaxation which improves muscle and joint range of motion which allows our body’s to move more freely and pain free. To achieve maximum benefits from your stretches, follow these important principles. Continue…

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Need to Relax? Do this Technique Anywhere

How to ease you mind and body of tension

Diaphragmatic Breathing

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