Happy New Year from Active Kinetix


Firstly, we want to say THANK YOU to YOU for reading our emails/blogs and supporting our endeavour to education and help people improve their
Health & Fitness!

To our clients, showing up weekly defines your commitment to your health. We look forward to many more sessions, laughs, sharing milestones in your lives, and seeing you SWEAT!

To our non-clients and previous clients, we look forward to seeing and hearing from you about your fitness, nutrition, progress, and goals you have. Our door is always open to welcome you into our studio.

Lastly, thanks to your support we are able to reach a wider community base in the Lower Mainland. With that, we have chosen to RE-Brand our company from AK Fitness to Active Kinetix

We are introducing some exciting features for your convenience – including
Online Booking‘ (finally)!

Stay tuned for more features that come along with our new brand. Now onto the blog!

5 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself for
the New Year

There have been milestones and memories in 2015 – many of these never to be forgotten. Take some time to reflect, as it is reflection which helps us grow and learn as we continue on this life adventure. Here are 5 Simple Questions to ask yourself:

1. What were the Top 3 Most Memorable Moments of 2015?
2. What am I most thankful for in 2015?
3. Are there any vicious cycles I am trapped in? (saying this not to be negative, but everyone other than god faces their own set of difficulties). 
4. What did I say I was going to do and didn’t quite commit to?
5. How will 2016 be different from 2015?

May it be a great one.





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