Coconut Milk: Can vs. Carton

With the marketing of products being healthy and nutritious, it is our job to be vigilant on which foods we consume. Let’s take coconut milk (not to be confused with coconut water or coconut oil) for example: Carton coconut milk has become quite popular and not going to lie, I also used to be a fan couple of years ago. Over the last year I have decreased my intake of Almond milk and Coconut milk in a carton because the ingredients list is TOO long! Isn’t it supposed to be ground almonds, water, and maybe one other ingredient?!

Check out the list of ingredients for:

SO DELCIOUS Brand Coconut Milk              

Carton Coconut Milk












Coconut Dream Coconut Milk

Coconut milk ingredients

As you can see – the list of ingredients for Coconut Milk in the box cartoon is 11 ingredients long [Water, coconut cream, evaporated cane juice, inulin, cocoa, carrageenan, guar gum, and more].

Prevention Magazine: The Natural Ingredient You Should Ban From Your Diet

So what to use? Well dairy milk isn’t all that great for you either with the cows shot up with hormones, and the milk being pasteurized – there really isn’t anything good in there for you.

I chose to bring it back to the basics – in my shakes/smoothies I use good old fashioned water – along with fresh fruit, protein powder, etc.

In my coffee I have started trying to drink it black, but when I need a little creaminess I add a teaspoon of canned coconut milk.

Check out the list of ingredients for AROY-D

Cannced coconut milk vs. carton










Canned coconut milk ingredients

Ingredients for canned coconut milk: Coconut extract 60%, water

60% of a real coconut and water. I know what both those ingredients are!














Nutritional Value

coconut milk nutrition

170 calories for 1/2 cup and 17g of fat.

I am not saying this coconut milk will help you lose weight but what I am saying is that our bodies are meant to consume real, whole foods. Real whole foods as you can see SOMETIMES are higher in calories so a) be aware of this and b) either avoid it and it’s alternative if you are trying to lose weight or c) practise portion control.

Ironically with the explosion of “healthy foods” on the market we are also seeing a rise in diseases – ulcers, cancers, and mental health diseases.










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