What Stress and High Fat Meals Do to Your Metabolism

I came across a great article this morning about how stress affects  weight gain. This article explains the physiology that takes place after stressed vs. non-stressed women eat a meal.

My hope is that you will use the knowledge to empower yourself in making healthier food choices all the time, and especially after a stressful day/event.

stress and high fat meals

Image from Science Daily July 14 2014

“Researchers questioned study participants about the previous day’s stressors before giving them a meal consisting of 930 calories and 60 grams of fat. The scientists then measured their metabolic rate — how long it took the women to burn calories and fat — and took measures of blood sugar, triglycerides, insulin and the stress hormone cortisol.”

“On average, the women in the study who reported one or more stressors during the previous 24 hours burned 104 fewer calories than non-stressed women in the seven hours after eating the high-fat meal — a difference that could result in weight gain of almost 11 pounds in one year.”

Read more: Science Daily: Stress and High Fat Meals Combine to Slow Metabolism in Women




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