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As we roll into summer, it’s great to feel the weather getting warmer and see the streets busier with walkers, joggers, and various exercisers.

Recently, with the advice from one of my advisors, I have taken up what I call outside ‘zen walks.’After a full day of training and motivating clients, (which I love and soak in each bit of), I go for a zen walk for about 10 minutes and then find a park bench to just stretch it out. During the walk I practice one of my philosophies – BALANCE. I set my intention to balance the various energies I have taken in, as well as the energy I have given. Usually 10 minutes is perfect as any longer and I am ready to starting eating the park bench. 

A long day in the office or doing any 1 repeated task can leave you feeling mentally foggy, drained, exhausted, and stressed. This is linked with low blood sugar levels (and other hormonal factors).

Getting oxygen flow into the cells of the digestive and respiratory system is what will help improve mental clarity, reduce irritability, decrease bloated-ness, and control appetite.

Aside from exercise, the impact a short de-stressing activity such as a walk, deep-breathing, stretching/yoga can have on your body is amazing, not only physically but also scientifically. We are largely in charge of the hormones that control our mood, energy, digestion, appetite, and weight loss. With the ability to vary our diet and exercise, we can largely influence these factors.

I strongly believe the cheapest and best form of therapy is exercise. If you are ever hesitating to exercise, the longer you debate the more likely you will talk yourself out of doing it. If you are ever debating on whether to start jogging on the treadmill because you really “don’t like running,” again DO IT. 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 2 minutes, give it a go! And for many people, who won’t even think about exercise, it’s time to start engaging in prevention of illness, developing lean mass to help you when you reach older ages so you can be a fit (functional) human, live a healthy, positive life for yourself AND for those around you.

Get out for a walk/jog, join a class, do 20 minutes of body weight exercises, do something, do it consistently. The amount of benefits you see and feel will be proportional to the effort  you put in. I reward effort, goals (small or big), and action.

I have attached 2 great quotes here:


exercise motivation




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