Happy 2014! – Instead of Counting the Days, Make the Days Count

As we embark on another year, it is a great time to make a rough plan of what you want this year to look like.
I don’t believe in creating that ONE New years resolution, but I do believe in giving your life direction and more meaning.
For example – This year we are still based in Burnaby and will now be accepting clients in Downtown Vancouver!
Depending on who you are and how proactive you are, will determine how ambitious your list looks. If I could have control over your goals – I believe once you set your mind to something and set up a plan on how to get there – it will be possible. That’s what the point of “goal-setting” is, making a plan.
If you believe in something, show it, express it, act on it, be proactive to make it happen. Leave the mundane behind, create waves, don’t do what you’ve been doing IF you are just satisfied. Take risks,  if it is meant to be it will be.
If for some reason you are in a holding pattern, I have been there and it is not easy. Do small things weekly to climb out of the hole, start writing, inspire yourself somehow… because if you don’t do it, no one else will.
Here’s to a year filled with risks, action, emotions, making memories with loved ones, laughter, friendships. Don’t forget to laugh, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Do more of what makes your happy. Be grateful, and help others.
Love to everyone out there.
Don’t count the days – rather -Make the days count
Hello 2014!!!
Know someone looking for a trainer in Downtown Vancouver? We have expanded! Contact us to inquire

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