Food For Thought

Supporting a good cause. Something to think about over the holidays while we are all indulging and spending time with family. This is a time to be thankful for. Appreciate the loved one(s) you have around you – there are many people and youth who will be spending Christmas eve and Christmas Day alone, cold, outside, hungry, lonely.

There are actually between 500-1,000 homeless youth.

Last week I went to a YWIB event to raise funds and donate clothing to the Covenant House Vancouver.

Learning more about the Covenant House (and it being in my backyard) I have a huge appreciation and inclination to support this organization.

What do they do: To keep it short, they help support youth who have been homeless and are trying to get off the streets and on to their feet. The Covenant House provides housing for the youth but it is not a cushy place to relax. The youth are enrolled in education seminars and sessions all day. Think of it like school – but this differs from the school you and I went to. Instead of learning Algebra and French they learn life skills – Help with decision-making, money management, time management, communication skills and conflict resolution.

Read more on their FAQ’s

This organization will definitely be one of the main organization I support from here on in. I intend to support by donating house hold items, toiletries, clothes, and non perishable food.

How you can help:

Drop off any items you want to donate to me and I will drop them off at the Covenant House. I can pick them up, or you can contact me to arrange a time. Doesn’t have to be a whole load of stuff, even 1 or 2 items. (Beware: If you are friends with me: I may ask you when we make plans!!!)

Being the holidays, it’s a time we can all take to reflect on life in perspective, be grateful, and share our fortune.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!! Thanks for taking the time to read this.





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