SKLZ Sport & Fitness Equipment Review

Since there is a wide range of SKLZ equipment including Sports Training and Fitness, I mainly chose one piece of equipment from each category: the Gold Flex Golf Trainer and Core Training Wheels. My experience with these peices of equipment, and couple others made by SKLZ, gave me an overall perception of the quality and usability of the SKLZ Equipment.

SKLZ Core wheel single tricep pushup.jpg

Having a strong ‘core’ is important for everyone – adults who are busy in their careers, athletes, average exercisers, and stay at home moms. A strong core is one more step anyone can take towards injury prevention, decreasing low back pain, and increasing functional capabilities to help with even the simplest everyday tasks like loading boxes or lifting groceries in out out of a car.

Though I usually yield caution when using fancy ab equipment, as a fitness trainer I also know that there are only so many variations of crunches and planks; the last thing we want is for exercise to become repetitive and non-challenging.

One piece of equipment that has been a topic of contention are… read more


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