November Update: New Location in Burnaby [Personal Training & Active Rehabilitation]

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are keeping physically fit and mentally healthy to live each day invigorated and inspired.

As we are in the final months of 2013, AK Fitness is proud to announce our new location! We are now located at 5605 Hastings St. in Burnaby. Capitol Hill Athletics located on Hastings St (at Holdom).

We are extremely excited about this transition, and it has definitely validated our presence in the fitness industry for years to come! We have deep gratitude to those that have supported us over the years and are extremely happy to have updates from you regarding your next fitness goal. It is clients and friends like you and your word of mouth who have propelled this transition, so THANK YOU!


If you know someone who wants to lose weight, improve strength, cardio, or needs Active Rehabilitation from an injury – we can help!

Consults are free and are designed to give the person more of an idea of what sort of fitness program they are looking at. Depending on their goals:

  • Get fitter while the rest of the generation ages and lets time dictate their appearance
  • Perhaps run a 5, 10K next year
  • Getting married net year? Couples training or Bridal bootcamp are popular starting November!
  • Doctor recommendation to start exercising and eating better
  • Nagging injury that leads to too much couch-time
  • OR a simple need for a 30 minute BUTT KICK 2x per week!

Contact us to make an appointment or ask further questions.


You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Have a great day!


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