A Condiment That May Be Harming Your Kids

Image courtesty of designtoimprovelife.dk

Image courtesty of designtoimprovelife.dk

As a kid, I recall I used to put ketchup on EVERYTHING – like most kids I am sure. I still know many people who put Ketchup on EVERYTHING, why not – it’s tomatoes right? WRONG, upon looking at the nutrition information for tomatoes, there are 15 calories in 1 whole medium size tomato, and about 3g of carbohydrates. Where as nutrition information for ketchup is 15 calories PER tablespoon, along with almost 200mg of sodium and 3g of sugar! So to put it into perspective, the average person would use about 4 tablespoons of ketchup – whether dipping or drizzling over food, this amounts to an added 60 calories on your meal, and thats the good news… the bad news is it adds another 700mg of sodium to your meal AND 14g of sugar – that’s MORE sugar than 1 halloween size box of Smarties!

Other foods high in Sodium


Over the weekend, I was able to get my hands on some NO Salt Ketchup. This is a much better version for not only yourselves but also for your kids as it significantly reduces the amount of sodium from 200mg to 5mg  Calorie count is the same, as is the sugar so it still tastes like the regular ketchup!

No salt Ketchup


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  1. that’s too bad, i love ketchup

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