Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay – Tomorrow!!!

The day is here, our team has been hard at work for 6 months, fundraising.

Our donation total as of June 14th 9:30pm is Donation Total: $4,346.15

Your chance to contribute is a click away:



Feel free to come visit our team tomorrow @ Swangard Stadium.

See here for details:

Team Captain Meeting 9am

Opening ceremonies at 9:30am; Warm-up 9:45am

Relay starts at 10am! First runner goes out! 

Team Parking

Team members are encouraged to carpool and take transit as parking is limited. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to find a spot.  To view a map of where Swangard Stadium is located and the surrounding area click here.

Each Relay team is also allowed to park one vehicle in the East Parking lot (entrance off of Kingsway) and One vehicle on their campsite. Vehicles must arrive before 9:00am and there are no in and out privileges for this lot. Once a vehicle is parked in this lot, it cannot leave until 9:45am Sunday morning.

Each vehicle must check in with the attendant at the lot to get a permit. ONLY ONE VEHICLE PER TEAM CAN PARK IN THIS PARKING LOT.

Street Parking

There is street parking in the residential area west of Boundary. Be sure to read parking signs carefully and be respectful of the residents in the neighborhood!

Telus Building Parking Lot

The parking lot at the Telus Building located at the north east corner of the intersection of Boundary and Kingsway will be open during the Relay.

 Volleyball – Saturday, June 15, 2013

Starting at 11 am, teams play three 30 minute rally point games in round robin format over the course of the day in the stadium infield.  Your schedule will be posted in advance so that you can plan your day accordingly.  Points will be awarded based on your cumulative score over the course of the day. To sign up for volleyball, email your Relay Rep and indicate what level of play you want to enter: recreational, intermediate or competitive.
Note that there is a volleyball captain meeting at 10:30 am at the Urban Rec Tent to review the rules before the tournament starts.


That’s about it – We are doing pretty good in fundraising, see other teams here: http://www.24hourrelay.com/runners/reports/relaypledges.aspx



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