Slow Burning Carbohydrates for Weight Management

The low-carb debate still seems to be misunderstood. I often talk to people who say “I am cutting out carbs to lose weight” or “I only eat carbs x days a week.” This is not sustainable nor is it beneficial. The secret is there are certain types of carbohydrates that you can eat and still loose weight. It will amplify your weight loss goals in that you will be able to keep the weight OFF! Learning how to prepare them in a delicious yet healthy way is the key to getting that fit body.

I need carbs to function – mentally and physically. Here are my top 5 favorite slow burning carbohydrates that I eat EVERY WEEK.

Slow burning means they are a long-term source of energy and will not spike your blood sugar. Blood sugar spikes are highly correlated to weight gain and energy crashes, and unhealthy cravings. Also, eating healthy foods is great but portion control still applies! I highly recommend using measuring cups to portion your food. In addition, I recommend using an easy App such as MyFitnessPal to research caloric count in any new foods.

1. Quinoa – usually make a mediterranean salad

2. Brown Rice – 1/2 cup with a chicken breast and steamed veg for dinner. I lightly toss my veg in olive oil and garlic or franks red hot sauce… lightly – keyword!

3.  Squirrely or Manna Bread – 1 slice with 2 eggs OR 1 slice with a tbsp almond butter

4. Chick peas/Black Beans/Edamame beans – usually throw 1/2 cup into a spinach salad for lunch

5. Oats – Mix 1/4 cup dry oats with  almond milk, 1 tbsp ground flax and raisins for breakfast


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One response to “Slow Burning Carbohydrates for Weight Management

  1. Thanks for this concise and useful post. As you say, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation out there, some of it potentially health-damaging, so i am glad you have debunked the low-carb myth!

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