A Simple Plan for Weight Management

Eat Small Meals Throughout the Day for Weight Loss

Eating small meals throughout the day is a simple plan to help you lose weight.

It prevents you eating a large dinner. Here are the reasons why most diets recommend to stop eating after 8pm.

Correlations between eating time and eating behavior.

Finding # 1: Eating Less-Nutritious Food

A study found those eat closer to bedtime ate less nutritious food.  Specifically, more calories were from fat and alcohol, meat, confections, and noodles, than protein and essential vitamins and minerals.  The subjects who ate later were also found to skip meals earlier in the day and watch TV at meals. Weight management is easy if you stick to a plan that entails you eating every 3-4 hours to keep insulin levels at bay and prevent junk food cravings.

Finding # 2: Eating Too Much

The study also found a connection with night eating and increased food intake.  Those whose intake of protein, carbohydrates, or fat was highest in the evening, showed an overall higher caloric intake which makes it harder to lose weight. Conversely, participants with the highest intake in the morning had lower overall caloric intake.

Finding # 3: Circadian System Shift Causes Weight Gain

The time you eat may also determine how your body metabolizes food.  Nocturnal (nighttime) mice who ate during the light phase, which goes against their normal circadian system of eating, had a higher body mass and lower glucose intolerance than mice who ate during the dark phase.  The findings suggest similar research on human’s circadian system and eating habits may present similar results

In conclusion:

Don’t commiserate with this study. Aim to eat small meals frequently throughout the day.

Eating later can be okay if you

1) ensure you eat a nutritious protein and carbohydrate snack/meal

2) practice portion control


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