Easy Way to Lose Weight

One thing I hear from many people is their struggle to loose weight. Often bad habits die hard and breaking that one bad habit can lead to a plethora of success when it comes to weight loss.

A starting point to approaching your weight loss is to monitor your eating times.

1) Make sure you eat every 3 hours. This will keep your insulin levels steady and help prevent food cravings

2) Ever have a late dinner or make a late dinner reservation? Eating dinner late at night is associated with weight gain. I often get asked – “what time should I stop eating at?” My answer would normally vary depending on who, but for the most part – people who eat dinner after 7 or 8 pm tend to gain weight because of their poor eating choices. Check out more on the Dinner Cut off Time

1 easy way to help you lose weight is eat dinner by 7pm. This will allow your body to digest the food and maybe even burn some of it off so when you go to sleep your body can direct its attention to recovery and fat burning.


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