How Can I Not Be Losing Weight? Hit a Plateau, help!

How Can I Not Be Losing Weight? Hit a Plateau, help!

Question on I’m a 5’11 Male, currently weigh 260 pounds and have an athletic/football player / stocky type body. I started at 320 pounds. I have been very stringent on what I eat. I eat 1600 calories a day consisting of fruit/veggies and lean meats and work out on an elliptical 4 days a weeks for 20 minutes. The weight was coming off great for the first 4 months but I haven’t lost a pound in 3 weeks. I’ve hit a plateau, help!


Caloriecount.about answers:

A: For 3 weeks, do something different; add a workout on the weekends, incorporate high intensity intervals, and be sure you do weight lifting. Try a spin class, boxing, hot yoga, jogging, weight training, group training

A: Do every other day with more healthy carbs, whole grains and the other days do low carb, you can trick your body that way to burning more carbs even on low carb days.

A: Sometimes people have issues with a large calorie deficit. Incorporating healthy fats to your diet promotes fat-burning, regulates digestion, and increases nutrient absorption.

A: You lost 60 lbs in 4.5 months. That is a lot of weight in a very short amount of time, your body needs to catch up and you need to work on repairing you metabolism.  Plateaus happen especially when you push you body too hard, be patient eat a healthy amount of  calories and continue to exercise, it will break sooner or later

A: When your body goes into “starvation mode” it’s rebelling against your too-stringent  calorie deficits by “holding onto” every calorie you ingest as fat because you’ve convinced it that you are in a time of famine and it must preserve itself by conserving  calories to get you through the famine.


ASMA’s Answer: STRESS: Eating clean and exercising are 2 major strides to fat loss however, you’re body reaches a point where other factors will affect your fitness goals: sleep, supplementation (vitamins/minerals), mental attitude, and stress. Not only does this throw off our hormones, it affects sleep which is when fat-burning happens. Stress drains our energy so we forego workouts, crave high-sugar, and high fat foods. Cortisol increases which has a catabolic effect on the body—meaning it breaks down—lean mass i.e. Muscle—which is our fat-burning  furnace.



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