Fitness Tips for February

Here are some Health & Fitness tips for you as we head into February:

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 “Remember to treat your body like you’d treat a brand new car. Avoid driving over bumps & pot holes, keep it well maintained to avoid car troubles down the road, keep it clean and fresh so when people see it they complement you, and last but not least – especially on a day like today, our cars are getting lots of water – let’s do the same: Keep hydrated”

 *Did you know dehydration is the cause of 50-75% of health problems? ‘Read more about Dryness and Aging.’


Plant foods for lowering Cholesterol:

–       Vitamin K is important for lowering cholesterol. Kale is a rich source.

Joint Pains?

–       88% of people who experience joint pain have been satisfied & alleviated of joint pain with fish oil supplementation EPADHA, Omega3

Tossing and Turning at night…

–       Insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns, fever, poor appetite, fatigue and high heart rate, all common red flags of calcium depletion

Vitamins to fight cancer

–       Vitamin C is not only a good detoxifier but, has also been found 2 counteract formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines

–       Vitamins B17 has been proven in research to destroy cancer cells 

What about that Gluten Free Diet?

–       Gluten Free does not always mean ‘healthy.’ Many items marked Gluten Free are made with a plethora of chemically produced ingredients, some of which our bodies cannot process. If you do not have a Celiac’s or a gluten sensitivity, stick to a balanced diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole foods such as beans, brown rice, fresh lean meats, and grilled fish. Substituting potatoes with squash, cauliflower, and white beans.

–       People who are Gluten Free may tend to lose weight because – Yes. They learn to prepare their own meals… and as we know – one of the biggest reasons people have a tough time losing fat weight is due to not preparing their own meals


Fatigue and Fat-Burning

–       Protein rich foods wake up the brain. Include this in your breakfast. Examples – Eggs, Greek Yogurt, Whey Protein Isolate, Hemp seeds.

–       Quick to fatigue during exercise? For the most of us, we eat enough food that we should have energy to sustain us throughout a hard one hour workout. If you notice a steady decline in energy soon after your workout, there could be a number of nutrition principles you need to adapt, including hydration, pre workout food, eating for energy. What to eat pre and post workout: Awesome video on pre and postworkout Nutrition

– If you are trying to lose weight, forget sitting on machine or doing biceps and triceps. Instead, try large muscle group exercises such as squats, lunges, pushups, v sit ups

–  Click here for fat-burning exercises (Intermediate/Advanced). Beginner videos coming soon!



– Protein helps to preserve muscle tissue – which burns calories when your body is at rest.

– Not sure what to eat? Here are some ideas (ABS Diet)


Exercise Nutrition:

–  Amino acids in protein help your muscles get stronger, so you can workout harder.

– If you exercise on a regular basis, these foods must be part of your diet: Egg yolks, organ meats, nuts, green vegetables.


Simple Trick to Sticking to your Healthy Eating Plans (Click)



“If you have never made a mistake, then it means you have never tried something new.” 



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