Lululemon Warehouse Sale @ BC Place

Update on the Lulu sale warehouse sale @BC Place:

I’m just heading out (Friday 3pm)
– it’s starting to get packed!
– Entrance Gate A
– There is a mandatory coat check line up, clothes when I went were well organized in rows according to size. I can see this getting MESSY as it gets busier.
– Change room line ups looked atrocious. But I’m sure there are mirrors in there. I recommend going with someone so you can use their opinion, avoid the changeroom – this means changing infront of others. (No need to feel uncomfortable, everyone is pretty self-involved at this point).
– Paying – cash, credit, debit. Tons of cashiers.
– Bottleneck was waiting in line to retrieve the coat.
– P.s. You also have to remove your scarf
– merchandise: pants, jackets, shirts, under garmets, aviva stuff, yoga mat straps, I’m sure I missed stuff.
– Lots of funky looking items/patters – but also lots of normal looking stuff.


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