Taking Your Workout from Good… to AMAZING!

What happens when you get bored of doing something? You will eventually become less enthusiastic … stop doing it! Your muscles work in the same way. They become less responsive as you continue to engage in the same exercises. Our muscles are like our brain – we need to keep stimulating them in different ways so they can continue to be engaged – hence they will need to use up maximum energy (aka calories) to perform a specific exercise.

For example: You get in the gym – do a same/similar routine (lat pull down, bicep curls, machine chest fly, run for 10 minutes, or whatever it is you always do). Props for getting into the gym however, why not make your time as productive and beneficial as possible? Engage in new/different more progressive exercises. There may be a learning curve involved but asking for help and learning the right technique will be well worth your time once you begin to see and feel your muscles becoming stronger and more defined.

Here is Jo-Ann who plays Goalie in a women’s field hockey league. She also plays Power on a women’s indoor volleyball team. On her spare time – she golfs, moutain bikes, goes skiing, and renovates her home. This exercise requires balance, core strength, and focus. She didn’t think she could do this exercise, but by breaking down each skill separately then combining them progressively, she is achieving exercises she never thought possible. Improving her fitness has been key in improving her game and also her physique.

Multi-joint exercises are great for fat-burning and athletic conditioning. Make it a goal to incorporate atleast 2 new exercises into your daily workouts and take your workouts from good… to AMAZING



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