Full Body Fat Burning Exercise *Advanced*

Compound exercises (also known as Multi-joint exercises) are one of the best ways to build strength and burn fat. Simply put, the use of multiple muscle groups increases the amount of oxygen required by muscles which requires more energy (calories) to perform each repetition. Scientifically, oxygen demand increases, so the body responds by increasing blood flow – which we monitor by heart rate. The increase in heart rate signifies the sympathetic nervous system is mobilized and ready to provide the body with it’s demands.

Combine this exercise with HIIT on the treadmill to maximize cardiovascular benefits and fat-burning. (If there are existing heart conditions, these exercises are too intense. It is recommended to start with light walking or walk/jog. Approval from your physician is recommended)

Congruent to the concept of HIIT (High intensity interval training) – oxygen demand overtakes oxygen supply, causing an oxygen debt. This oxygen debt  is what allows us to continually burn fat after the exercise session – EPOC – Excess Post-oxygen consumption. Our body works to meet oxygen demand… meaning fat calories will continue to be used until oxygen demand is met. How long can this go on for? Up to 24 Hours.



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