What Your Body Language Says About You

Body language is something psychologists and counsellors use to analyse people’s behaviour. Given we are not all psychologists, we do have an intuition that allows one to judge ones mood, character, and presence. Imagine you were about to venture and start your own business of some sort. Think of the person you would like to see when you walked into your business. Who would create the best impression, how are they sitting or standing? Slouching or standing upright and open and approachable.

Who knew something as simple as they way you are sitting while out for dinner or standing with colleagues would have a meaning?

My intention of posting this is to get you to learn why you would want to be more ware of your body.

I am a big proponent of emotional and mental health. One of the reasons I am a fitness trainer is because I want to treat my clients for various physical, health, and mental conditions by designing and creating exercise prescriptions. Core strengthening exercises and stretching allows the body function optimally. This optimal functioning also has a direct correlation on your behaviour. 

When sitting OR standing/walking – a slouched upper body not only has physical consequences on your back and shoulders, but also gives off a diminished sense of self, amotivation, and tiredness. Picture someone walking or sitting with rounded shoulders

My second intention of posting this is to educate people on how their body functions (obviously ‘fitness’ related). Sitting upright engages your core muscles and improves postural alignment which minimizes back aches. Again, direct correlation – you will radiate a sense of assertiveness and  desire, and ambition.

Lastly, if you already are exercising and stretching, this is just some encouragement to keep it up, and help others around you adopt a stretch or 2 into their daily lives.

Here is 1 Simple Stretch  to practice daily to open up your chest and shoulders and help you keep an upright posture.


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