Health & Fitness Trivia – Friday Sept 14th 2012: Flat Stomach


Who doesn’t want a flat tummy? Often people come up to me to talk about workouts and then point to their belly and ask which exercises to do to trim the belly fat. Most times I will ask “how is your diet?” Sometimes I will get a response “My diet is good” Okay let me rephrase – “What do you eat?” “Good” is a vague and subjective term. With all the misconseptions and mass marketing of “healthy” foods, people can get mislead or can get complacent/lazy with their dietary habits. If one is determined to decrease the amount of fat around his/her belly, the determination needs to be backed up by action, adjustments, will power, and finding healthier substitutions.

To make things simple, here are some suggestions on what would be the BEST course of action to trim belly fat not only the most effective way but the way that deems long-term retention of these results (i.e. it is manageable for a long period and realistic. Click here to see more on our Goal-Setting Examples). Choose the option that you believe would be best:

a) Do cardio and take fat burners

b) Increase intensity of workouts, decrease trans fat and sugars, eat more of these foods

c) Increase the amount of sit ups in each workouts

d) Continue what you are doing, the universe will eventually change


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