Health & Fitness Trivia – Weds Sept 12th 2012: Cholesterol

North American’s consume large amounts of food high in fats and high in sugar. The consumption of fatty foods and foods fried in fat, margarine, sucrose, white-flour, and trans fats are what is causing the epidemic of heart disease. Most people start learning about this once they become introduced to the concept by their doctors. Ideally, the abdominal fat and the lack of exercise should be 2 keys points to help one realize their health profile however, it is easy to hold a self-bias and brush-off these ‘symptoms.’

Cholesterol has become a massive topic that has distracted people from focusing at the problem at hand. Instead of reevaluating the entire diet, one thing is focused on – cholesterol. There are a number of ways to improve your health profile BEFORE getting “high cholesterol (or atherosclerosis). Improvements in your diet and lifestyle can vastly improve your health profile.

Which of these ways would you be most likely to adapt in order to improve your cholesterol profile?

a) Cut out eggs

b) Decrease the intake of high fat foods and incorporate more fiber into your diet

c) Start a fitness program and increase the amount of antioxidants (Green tea, berries, omega 3’s)

d) Begin taking Lipitor (i.e. Cholesterol medication)

e) B and C


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One response to “Health & Fitness Trivia – Weds Sept 12th 2012: Cholesterol

  1. rishabh


    Reducing the intake of high starch trans fats will greatly reduce the cholesterol not to mention eating greens will allow body to digest more natural vitamins and minerals and providing fibre.

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