Health & Fitness Trivia – Tues Sept 4th 2012

Q: You may have heard the term ’emotional eating’ before. You may even have partaken in emotion eating, meaning you eat when you are feeling stressed, nervous, or depressed. The reason people turn to food is more than just because they are succumbing to cravings, there is a physiological reason why people turn to sugary, carbohydrate laden foods. Eating carbohydrates gives people a feel good, comforting feeling (hence the term ‘comfort food’). Can you guess which hormone contributes to this ‘comfort’ feeling when one eats carbohydrates?

1) Estrogen

2) Serotonin: The ‘mood’ hormone. Congrats to Mag Manhas for winning a FREE T-Shirt!

3) Testosterone

4) Anti-diuretic Hormone


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