How Fit Are You?

When exercising with friends or others, ever compare yourself comparing your cardio fitness to theirs? Either you are praising yourself (internally ofcourse) because you are able to work at a harder/faster level and not break a sweat (keep in mind sweating does not dictate the intensity of your workout, but I’ll save that for another post) OR you are getting down on yourself because you simply cannot keep up with your exercise partner or person sitting next to your in spin class.

Comparing to others is vague and subjective, here’s an easy to way to gage your cardiovascular fitness:

My recommendation is to do this test, record your result (or as I tell my clients to do, take a picture with your smartphone), set a reminder to re-test yourself again in 5 weeks. Here how’s it works:

12 Minute Cooper-Test: Popular test used to quantify aerobic fitness

–          Do a 5 minute warm-up on the treadmill

–          Restart the treadmill – Incline 1.0

–          Goal: will be to complete the farthest distance possible

–          Adjust your speed however/whenever you like **Keep in mind, the goal. Hence you can sprint, jog, walk, speed walk… just do your very best to achieve the highest distance**

–          When you have completed 12 minutes, record the distance: ____(1)________   Date: _____________

–          When 12 minutes is complete, get an average heart rate reading: __(2)___ BPM

Once completed, take the distance (in miles or kilometers) and plug it in here: You will get a reading of your ‘score’ and’rating.’



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