How To Beat the Cravings


Pizza, bread, french fries, frapaccinos, chocolate…
You may have heard me saying that losing weight is more than a physical battle. Yes, and it is important to understand that the body is a complex entity made up of multiple muscles, nerves, cells, hormones, and pre-existing survival mechanisms.

When it comes to losing weight, aside from the fat-burning workouts (awesome) and home-cooked healthy meals (also awesome) there are mental factors, as well as physiological, chemical processes that go on in our body. It is important to understand that our body will try and maintain order as much as possible and hence this makes it a little more challenging for you to make those dietary habit changes. But  eventually your body WILL adapt to the new lifestyle changes and new habits you are creating. SO – Don’t let your past dictate your future.

Many times we feel the need to scour down all the food that’s in front of us or take large portions to feel satisfied.
If this is you, these next 2 tips on eating habits will be helpful to you while you go through your process:

1) How to Beat the ‘hungry ALL the time’ feeling. Your stomach tells your brain you are full.

How Does Your Stomach Tell Your Brain That You’re Full?

A hormone called cholecystokinin (cck) signals from your digestive system to your brain when you’ve eaten. More CCK is released in a large meal and less is released from a snack or small meal. Stay with me…
When making a shift in your eating habits, your stomach counterbalances the reduced food intake by cutting back on the amount of this hormone it will release hence encouraging you to eat more to maintain order (and feel satisfied). If you are used to eating a larger portion of food – the amount of cck produced is large and you will be satisfied. When you start changing your eating habits to promote a healthier lifestyle – your gut takes time to adjust to the fact that that BIG portion of food isn’t coming in anymore… hence you may still feel hungry.

What to do? Increase the amount of of fiber and water-dense foods in your meals and snacks – vegetables. If you snack while you make dinner – slice up an apple or orange.

2) Post-dinner Hunger Spells

When evening hunger kicks in

The Galanin-Fat Connection: Glaninin is released when fat stores need filling up: In the evening, galanin levels tend to rise. This may be a protective human mechanism to make sure people have enough calories to last them through the night.

What to do? Choose a low sugar, high protein snack and a cup of tea.
Snack Idea:

– Tablespoon Amond butter or natural peanut/almond butter with celery/cucumber/carrot sticks  

– Crackers with rolled turkey slice, tomato, and cucumber  

– Yogurt Parfait: 1/2 cup yogurt w/ handful mixed nuts, handful berries/fruit   

Use these 2 facts to understand and be aware of when your body may be trying to maintain order.

Our bodies will adapt, so from now on, think twice before you load up your plate or reach for the chips after dinner!




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