Effective treatment for Muscle Strains, Acute Pains, and Athletic Strains

Over the past week I have been lucky enough to have a Chiropractor and a Kinesiologist perform some of their secret tricks on me. Being out with a leg injury, I am forced to spend a lot of time laying down, sitting around, using only one leg. For someone who has ants in their pants and enjoys activity all day everyday, the body is in a little bit of an unhappy state at times – i.e. tight muscles in the legs, back, and neck. 

Stretching has been great although and I am a firm believer in allowing muscles to lengthen by breathing and gently pushing them beyond a point of comfort. Muscle fibers need to be treated with care. 

Aside from stretching I have got to experience Active Release Therapy (ART). It is to be be performed by a trained professional. This technique has only been in practice for about 25 years. It has helped everyone from Olympic athletes to hair stylists who both at the end of the day experience Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). ART can be used to treat muscles, tendons, ligaments, soft tissue, fascia, and even nerves. 

The protocol entails the therapist providing pressure to specific sites where the client experiences discomfort. There are many other technicalities involved hence the therapist is trained at the technique. 

The treatment is short (thank god) but extremely effective! I felt instant relief in my neck, shoulders, and back. I had a great nights sleep and it feels as though there was a 10lb back pack lifted off my back. 

It’s a must try for any strain from plantar fasciatis, carpel tunnel, headaches, shoulder and back pain, tennis elbow, sciatica, and lots more!


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